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The Jacobite Syrian Orthodox Church has a profound legacy of its Syriac Music, Liturgy and Tradition. Its Syriac heritage is evident in its worshipping pattern and liturgy. The language, Syriac claims its authenticity even from the time of Christ, our Saviour; and the Church is proud of having the same liturgical language and tradition. Unfortunately, because of various reasons, the common people are ignorant of the music, meaning and depth of Syriac language and liturgical music, even though it is an inevitable part of the worship even today. In order to make the laity aware of Syriac language and music, MASMI was established on February 7th, 2016, as a result of the vision and zealousness of the Diocesan Metropolitan Mor Aphrem Mathews, under the guidance of the Catholicose Mor Baselious Thomas I.